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Refreshing sea buckthorn juice blended with sea buckthorn and cinnamon tea in a small tea cup with blue glass background.

A Sea buckthorn tonic to strengthen the immune system.

Enjoy this simple sea buckthorn tonic to help maintain a strong, healthy heart and balanced insulin levels and strengthen your immune system.
As many of you already know, the sea buckthorn berry, or seaberry, is becoming recognized worldwide as Mother Nature’s best multivitamin. Over 190 bioactive nutrients are present in the tiny orange berry. Many of these are considered crucial for sustaining a healthy body. The abundant omega 3 & 6 fatty acids present in sea buckthorn are known for their crucial role in brain function in adults, as well as the proper growth & development of infants’ brains and eyes when inside the womb. To top it all off, Seabuckthorn juice can block the endogenous formation of N-nitroso compounds more effectively than ascorbic acid and thereby prevent tumour production*. [2224]
You can warm the sea buckthorn tonic during the chilly winter months or when you are feeling “under the weather.” But this fabulously aromatic drink is particularly refreshing as a cold beverage, and Sea buckthorn tonic is a nourishing replacement for plain water during a workout.

SeaberryCinnamon Tonic

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*4 cups of sea buckthorn berry herbal tea.
-Infuse 28 grams of Omega Fruit Sea buckthorn berry herbal tea with *4 1/4 c cups of very hot water. Steep, with lid on, for 30 minutes.
-Strain the pulp from the infusion before mixing liquids.
*2 cups True Ceylon Cinnamon tea.
-Infuse one large stick of cinnamon in 2 1/4 c very hot water with the lid on for at least 20 minutes.
-Pour the two infusions together in a large juice container or shatterproof glass pitcher and let it cool.
-Add *60 to 80 ml of pure sea buckthorn juice once the brew has cooled and keep in the fridge for up to a week.
-Reheat the tonic one cup at a time as needed, or fill your water bottle and head to the gym!
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A Sea buckthorn tonic to strengthen the immune system. - sea buckthorn herbal tea

Dried Sea buckthorn berry pulp
*Sentence extracted from Remedial Prospective of Hippophae rhamnoides Linn. (SeaBuckthorn) From the pages published by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health



With 70% of our immune system residing in our gut, what we put into it, counts! Sea buckthorn juice is known to help achieve balanced nutrient intake, cold and flu resistance and increased energy levels.  It’s inflammation reducing antioxidants help athletes fight body fatigue, and the balanced Omegas fatty acids 3 – 6,  7* & 9, are considered to have a clear role in the prevention and healing of certain Atopic disorders.



Sea buckthorn couli

Sea buckthorn coulis

Dark chocolate with sea buckthorn ganache

Delicious Sea buckthorn ganache inside dark chocolat shell.

Halibut with sea buckthorn, tomato and sea beans.

Halibut with sea buckthorn, tomato and sea beans.

Homemade Seaberry sorbet.





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