Sea buckthorn is a highly nutritious berry garnering attention for its bright colour and intense flavour, but there are many great reasons to get behind the Seaberry. 


Key Benefits of Offering Seaberry Products to Retail Customers.

1. Rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and zinc

2. Abundant source of flavonoids and omega-3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids

3. Proven to help restore and rejuvenate cells and is known for promoting strong nails, healthy hair & skin.

4. Helps to maintain and build a strong immune system

5. New Flavour that hasn’t over-saturated the market

6. Versatile and combines well with many other flavours

7. The high antioxidant concentration can act as a natural preservative and anti-inflammatory

8. Tocoperol (vitamin E) prevents the oxidation of fatty acids

9. High Sorbic acid levels are good for preventing micro-organisms from growing.

So products that include sea buckthorn could benefit from longer shelf life and greater stability against oxidative effects.


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We provide wholesale sea buckthorn berries to the food and beverage industry.

Our wholesale sea buckthorn berries are always harvested at peak ripeness once a Brix of 8-11 ° is obtained. Only the tastiest cultivars are selected, and berries are processed under FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION FSSC 22000.

Wholesale seaberries are packed in 10 kg case packs and are delivered by refer truck either as LTL or FTL. 

Our sea buckthorn berries are also available for delivery or pick-up at our second point of distribution in Edmonton, Alberta, in collaboration with our Partners, Miller and Smith Foods

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Wholesale seaberry plants for commercial growers and resellers.

A crop that yields supplemental income for rural areas.

Those interested in permaculture can establish their own small Sea buckthorn berry plantation on just an acre or two of land. Wholesale pricing for bare-root sea buckthorn plants is offered to growers who purchase 250 plants or more.

We also offer wholesale pricing on sea buckthorn plants to garden centres, edible landscape architects, farmers’ market vendors, sea berry orchards open to the public to sell a curated selection of sea buckthorn products, and other resellers of permaculture plants.

A small scale commercial sea buckthorn orchard offering wholesale sea berries
A women walking into a sea buckthorn grove

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Omega Fruit Co. now offers wholesale Haskap berries for food and beverage manufacturers. 

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