Our SEA BUCKTHORN product. 

There are over 20 000 plants used medicinally in the world, many of these are consumed as daily foods but only a few hundred species are important enough to be recognized internationally. Sea buckthorn has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of asthma, acid reflux and to support a healthy immune system  It’s a great source of vitamins A, B, C, and E, and a vegan source of omega fatty acids 3, 6, 7, & 9, which is why this berry is popping up on the ingredient list of a variety of beauty products, supplements, and wholesome foods. We are proud to offer sea buckthorn products of the highest quality on our online store. 

Sea Buckthorn Berries.     

our sea buckthorn products | berries
Gold rain Sea Buckthorn Berries

Mother Nature’s best multi vitamin! Our seaberries are always harvested at peak ripeness to ensure that our fruits retain the maximum nutrients possible. We produce and select only the most palatable cultivars for distribution. Thereby ensuring that we offer our customers only the highest quality sea buckthorn products available.

Every year we open our plantation to self pickers from mid August to early September. Plus, we are always looking for helpers come harvest time. Reach out to us if you’d like to come pick some fruit for yourself or take part in our annual harvest.

Whether you choose to make jams, smoothie bowls or add them to fish and poultry sauces, you’ll love discovering new ways to add sea buckthorn berries to your menu.

Operate a microbrewery or distillerie? You will want to try sea buckthorn berries in your beers, wines and other spirits.

Sea Buckthorn Juice. 

our sea buckthorn products | juice
The immunity booster.
Our cold pressed Sea buckthorn Juice is 100% pure and just as versatile as the whole fruit but in many cases more convenient to use. 
Some classic uses for Seaberry juice include; daily vitality shots, tonics, cleanses, smoothies, vinaigrettes, sorbet, gelato, savoury sauces, candies and fruit leather.

Sea Buckthorn Oil.  

our sea buckthorn products | oil
Halibut with sea buckthorn, tomato and sea beans.
Used in vegan or traditional cuisine & as a powerful, natural and healthy, colourant in food manufacturing. Our sea buckthorn oil has a light fragrance and citrusy flavour. Anything it touches becomes tinted a beautiful orange hue!
Make salad dressings, mix with cream cheese or frostings, or even dress up white fish and canapés. There may be a panoply of ways to use this delicate oil in the kitchen but don’t forget the many uses you’ll find in lotions and cosmetics also.
Help heal burns, reduce inflammation and fight the signs of aging by making your own ointments. 

Dried Sea Buckthorn products.

Sweetened whole Berries can be used in granola bars, trail mixes or breakfast cereals. Sprinkle on top of yogurts, ice creams and smoothie bowl. You can add them to baked goods and sauces or eat them alone as a healthy, vitamin boosting snack. 

our sea buckthorn products | sea buckthorn tea
A Sea buckthorn kombucha made with our sea buckthorn herbal tea.

You can brew our aromatic Sea buckthorn berry tea in Kombucha or enjoy it as a thirst quenching iced tea. This herbal tea is truly delicious infused with ginger and/or cinnamon.  Add some pure Sea buckthorn juice to the infusion for a perfectly nourishing workout beverage. 

We offer freeze dried powder, made from the whole fruit with nothing extracted. Sea buckthorn powder can be used in yogurt based salad dressings, breads and other pastries, as well as, healthful smoothie mixes. 

Sea Buckthorn Shrubs.

The Sea buckthorn shrub has silvery leaves and bright orange berries, which make it a beautiful landscape choice. 
Our cultivars include; Sunny, Mary, Tatiana and Lord.  

It is dioecious and therefore you will need to plan for at least 1 male and 1 female shrub if your goal is to have fruits. A general rule of thumb is to plant males so that predominant springtime winds will carry the pollen to the females. In larger plantations we recommend a 1:6 or 1:8 – M:F ratio. 


our sea buckthorn products | plant
Sea buckthorn shrub in pot. 2 yr old

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