Shipping details

How we ship our products.

We care about the integrity of our products, so we have put in place every possible measure to ensure their quality upon arrival. Please read the information below carefully to know how we ship our products and what to expect when purchasing from us.

Bare-Root Sea buckthorn Shrubs

Most of our young plants are shipped bare-root (without soil). Your shrubs will arrive in a dormant state without any apparent green growth. This eliminates extra costs for the soil in a pot. To keep your shrub’s roots moist, we pack them with wet wood chips, wrapped in plastic. We recommend you chose the Priority delivery method at checkout. US customers who do not purchase our minimum of 12 shrubs will have an extra CFIA/USDA phytosanitary certificate fee applied to their invoice after checkout. 

Wholesale (volume) purchases must be reserved with a 50% deposit at least six months before delivery. Contact us to know more about our volume discounts and reseller prices. 

Spring shipping

Your Sea buckthorn shrubs will arrive ready to grow happily in any sunny area. It is best to plant them within 2 days of their arrival. Soak the roots in water for a couple hours just before placing the plant in well-draining, fertile soil. Spring shipments begin in May.*

Visit our blog to know more about the growing needs and growth habits of sea buckthorn.

Fall Shipping

We don’t ship until your plants have experienced 2-3 hard frosts and are prepared to withstand the cold winter conditions.  If possible, plant your shrubs within 5 days upon arrival. If it is not possible to plant within this time frame, it is recommended that your sea buckthorn be heeled in.
Shrubs can be planted until the ground is frozen solid. Fall shipments are made generally between November 1 and December 10.*

*Shipping dates may vary.

Replacement Policy

A dead on arrival sea buckthorn is unusual but does happen on occasion. We will replace plants, without a sign of life, up to 1 year after the date of shipment. *Dependant on the availability of cultivars. The shrubs must have been planted no more than three days after receipt, and the storage and cultivation conditions must have been respected., eg; we will not replace a shrub that has lacked fertilizer, water or weed control, or a shrub that was damaged by an insect, animal or lawn mower. We do not refund or cover shipping costs.

Customers who experience issues with a comestible product can contact us within twenty-four hours of receiving their order and we will replace or refund the product if necessary.

Shipping frozen Sea buckthorn products 

Our IQF berries are harvested at peak ripeness and frozen to maintain maximum nutrients for our customers. Our Sea buckthorn juice is minimally processed. This means the juice and berries must remain frozen during transport. We pack all personal orders inside insulated shipping containers and use only overnight delivery to ensure you receive your order in a frozen state.

Across Canada and the US, we ship larger orders with a transport company which specializes in LTL & FTL cargo with reefer needs. *Please contact us for a quote. Brokerage fees may apply.

Personal orders of berries and juice can be drop shipped to your home with Fedex Priority Express. We always advise you to have someone available to receive your order of frozen sea buckthorn products as we are not responsible for packages left at your door. 

Dried products and oil.

 We ship our shelf safe products with Canada post or Fedex ground. Duties and brokerage fees may apply to our European products sold to US customers. 

Have questions about our Sea buckthorn products?  We’d love to hear from you!  

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