Les Savoureux Spices

Les Savoureux Spices – The Art of Simplified Cooking.

Les Savoureux is an organic, sugar-free seasoning company born out of a family’s desire to cook without the hassle. Les Savoureux is the real-world solution, crafting super-easy-to-use products that taste heavenly.

Martine Charbonneau, the face of Les Savoureux is a graduate from the College of Alternative Medicine of Quebec and a passionate cook. Martine combined her culinary expertise with academic knowledge, earning a Nutritherapy degree. In 2012, she founded a catering service, later becoming a ketogenic diet coach. Martine’s journey with Les Savoureux started as a fan, then an ambassador, and ultimately the owner since March 2020, alongside her spouse Ghyslain.

Their mission: to make life easier in the kitchen by offering products that combine flavours, quality, and health.

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