Growing Sea buckthorn.

Frequently Asked Questions – Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn bush on the beach transition to the Baltic Sea.

Providing Answers To Our Most Frequent Questions About Sea Buckthorn For those considering adding sea buckthorn to their garden, landscape, or commercial crops, there are often questions about its care, benefits, and suitability for specific conditions. Here, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions I have received over the years about sea buckthorn […]

Why is sea buckthorn great for permaculture projects?

Assorted vegetables, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, garlic, green onions, and tomatoes with sea buckthorn berries on a wooden background in rustic style with flowers daisies for Thanksgiving.

Permaculture embraces symbiotic living – Sea Buckthorn embodies it. Permaculture gardening has gained widespread popularity for many reasons that resonate with contemporary global concerns and desires for sustainable living. At its core, a permaculture garden offers a holistic approach to agriculture and design rooted in principles that mimic natural ecosystems. It promises to produce food […]

Sea Buckthorn: Common Problems, Pests, and Diseases

Sunny Sea buckthorn Berries ready for harvest

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a vigorous plant renowned for its rich nutritional profile and numerous health benefits. It is sturdy and can withstand harsh conditions, but like any other plant, it is susceptible to a range of issues, from environmental stressors to pest invasions and diseases. These problems can significantly impact the plant’s growth, […]

How to plant your bare root sea buckthorn shrub

A freshly planted sea buckthorn shrub

Some basic planting guidelines you can follow to best succeed in growing a healthy and vigorous sea buckthorn shrub. First, the selected area for planting your bare-root sea buckthorn shrub should receive 6-8 hours of full sunlight daily. The soil must be well-draining, with a stable ph; a 6-7 ph range is ideal. -Soak roots […]

U-Pick Sea buckthorn berries

10 best U-pick sea buckthorn orchards in the eastern townships of Quebec

The best orchards for U-Pick Sea buckthorn berries  There are some pretty tasty and unusual fruits to be discovered all across the lovely countryside of Quebec. So, you could say – “nous aimons les petits fruits!” The U-pick season in Quebec begins in June with a trip to the favourite strawberry field then ends in […]

Growing Sea Buckthorn 102

Sea buckthorn after harvest. Cultivar, Mary.

Planning for optimum pollination. Before planting your first seaberry trees, you will want to plan a few things carefully. Understanding the differences between the many sea buckthorn varieties will help you select the right ones to bring to your chosen market. Also, proper pollination is important to achieve a high yielding orchard. By carefully planning […]

Growing Sea Buckthorn -101

Growing Sea Buckthorn -101

  Seabuckthorn is a medium sized deciduous shrub which grows up to the size of a small tree. If I could compare sea buckthorn to other known garden plants, -I’d say it has deep green, willow like leaves which shine with a silver glow in the sunlight. And a single sea buckthorn tree can grow up […]