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My new mission since 2023 is to promote fabulous lady entrepreneurs who are not afraid of dedication and living life to its fullest, who break glass ceilings, and who are nothing less than extraordinary. The Chef and CEO behind Merfs Condiments, making the unique Merfs brand hot sauce, is exactly the kind of entrepreneur I love promoting.

I’ve always enjoyed finding new delicious and nutritious products that inspire me, and what makes being in the food industry even more amazing is when I spot great women-led enterprises making a delicious mark on the world. I was immediately impressed by Chef Kelly’s exuberance about her sauces and the company she created. She makes fabulous sauces that never compromise on quality, taste or nutrition. But also, she sets the bar high for herself and doesn’t stand for mindless prejudices. An inspiration for anyone wanting to follow their passion in life; -it will lead you to do great things.

Chef Kelly Schexnaildre is the CEO and founder of Merfs Condiments.

With close to 20 years of experience in the food industry, she is an established leading expert in creating unique and delicious hot sauces that appeal to a broad spectrum of folks.
Kelly’s passion for exploring hot sauce began in college when she started experimenting with different peppers and spices in her home kitchen that she had grown in her small garden.

Determined to turn her hobby into a business, she spent several years perfecting her recipes. Fetching inspiration from her beloved family hound for the name; thus, Merf’s Condiments found life, and by sourcing the freshest chilli peppers from local farmers, Kelly began building her dream to create healthy, flavourful sauces.

Now Merfs Condiments is a multi-national company recognized for its total commitment to quality, innovation, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.
With her keen sense for flavour combinations and heat balance, Kelly has created a wide range of sauces, from medium to extra-spicy, sure to please the most discerning palates.

Some of Merfs Condiments’ most famous sauces include; Electric Lime; Peaches and Scream; Dancing Queen; Fools Paradise.

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