Zelt BIO Face Creams and Body Lotions

Zelt Sea Buckthorn, skin and body care products, are made with the utmost attention to quality by a lovely Latvian family located in Jelgava Region, Platone Parish, on the bank of the River Platone. Their wonderful products captured my attention a few years ago when I visited this region. I was so bummed when I ran out of my first jar of hand cream – I decided that I just could not go without it any longer. Zelt hand & body lotion is especially soothing during the cold winter months, while the Aloe gel is perfectly cooling after a long day under the hot sun. And the new formulation of the Zelt face cream is even more nourishing with hyaluronic acid.

Offering three of Zelt BIO’s best-selling moisturizers:

*Sea buckthorn hand & body lotion.
*Sea buckthorn face cream.
*Aloe Vera moisturizing gel with sea buckthorn oil.

These products are lightly fragranced with Linden blossom, a flower native to Latvia; they are great for any type of skin and are made with all-natural ingredients.

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