Frozen Sea Buckthorn Berries

Our frozen Sea Buckthorn berries are packaged in 4.4 lbs (2kg) bags or bulk 10 kg cases. Pallet delivery is available for wholesale frozen sea buckthorn berries to food & beverage manufacturers and fellow distributors. Please reach out to us for LTL and FTL rate quotes.

Please note that we market several varieties of sea buckthorn berries. This means that our fruits’ size and flavour may vary from purchase to purchase.

Organic and conventionally grown sea buckthorn berries are available for purchase. Only the most palatable fruits are chosen and processed in a HACCP-certified warehouse.  Frozen Seaberries must be kept at -18ºC (-0.4ºF).

A few of the most common varieties of seaberries we offer are; Mary, Gold Rain, Sunny, Tatiana, and Clara.

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