Cold Pressed SeaBuckthorn Juice

Sea buckthorn juice is a versatile ingredient in today’s kitchen and a well-known tonic to keep one’s immune system in top shape. Seaberry juice is extremely concentrated, and a little goes a long way in adding nutrition,  flavour and colour to foods and beverages.

One should expect a very tart juice similar to a raw cranberry.

The colour is bright orange and has a light aroma.

Shake the juice vigorously after thawing to room temperature.

Keep refrigerated up 21 days after opening or ferment to keep it stable for months.

The sugars in our frozen juice are naturally occurring. This product has NO added sweeteners, water or other additives. The packaging is a 1L food-grade plastic pouch (recyclable) with a spout.

Purchase our cold-pressed sea buckthorn juice online. Food & beverage manufacturers who want to purchase larger volumes should email us directly for half or full-pallet orders.

We also offer pasteurized, homogenized pure sea buckthorn juice manufactured in Europe. Available packaging is; 1.5 L or 200 L food-grade drums. Please reach out to learn about our minimum order and pricing.



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