Dried Sea Buckthorn berries

All of our dried Sea buckthorn berries herbal tea, and powder are of the highest quality. The fruits are harvested at peak maturity and have been slowly dehydrated at a very low temperature to retain maximum nutrients, flavour and colour.

Dried whole Sea Buckthorn Berries have a citrusy taste is well balanced by the sweetener, and the texture is slightly chewy, comparable to a raisin with a single tiny chewable seed inside. These can be added to quinoa and other grain bowls, also salads or meat and vegan pâtés. Try them to top morning granola, yogurt parfait, or pannacotta. Compliments well fish & poultry and creamy cheeses.

And let’s not forget our pets!
Our Sea buckthorn tea is made from dehydrated berry skins and seeds, with trace amounts of oil and nutrients, such as carotenoids.

Own your own laying hens? Adding our sea buckthorn powder or herbal tea to your poultry feed will help keep your hens healthy, more resistant to disease and able to consistently produce eggs with a thicker, darker yolk that typically indicates more nutrients, particularly higher Omega 3 levels.

Sea buckthorn is recognized for its skin-healing properties. If you have a dog who is suffering from dermatological issues, our Freeze dried Seabuckthorn berry could help. Simply sprinkle a little sea buckthorn powder on your pet’s food every day. If you feed your dog dry kibble, you can spray a little water on it to make the powder stick better.

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