Inspiring the Next Generation of Healthy Retail Products

A bottle of Sunrize Smoothie made by Evive Smoothies. with some fruits and a smoothie wheel next to it. Sunrize smoothie has sea buckthorn berries, peaches, and strawberries.

☑Nutrients ☑Flavour ☑Colour. Sea buckthorn checked all the boxes for Evive Smoothies. Evive’s journey began within months of my beginnings with Omega Fruit. After finishing university, the co-founders, Dominic and Claudia, began developing their innovative brand of ready-made smoothie cubes. A dynamic couple determined to slice out a space for themselves in the healthy foods […]

My Top 5 Functional Foods & Why I Love Them

Spanish paprika and pepper powder

I talk a lot about functional foods and how, by including more foods with exceptional nutrient profiles or a simple abundance of the essential nutrients our bodies need, we can help sustain good health and fight certain diseases as we age. But the realm of nutrition is vast and, at times, perplexing. Amidst the plethora […]