Sea buckthorn: 10 ways to differentiate your beverage products

sea buckthorn harvest in a basket

Beverage manufacturers are no stranger to stiff competition. The good news is that consumers have developed a growing thirst for new flavors and healthy, natural ingredients. Producers that dare to differentiate and innovate in these areas can carve out an impressive market share.

Take the flavored beer market for example. According to Global Market Research firm, Mintel, more than a hundred new flavored beers appeared on North American retail shelves in 2021 (not including offerings from breweries that skip retailers altogether and sell directly to consumers). Craft beer consumers aren’t just open to new flavor profiles, they now expect them from their favorite breweries.

Here’s how adding sea buckthorn to your beer, juice, tea or other beverage recipes can help boost product sales.

Man walking in his sea buckthorn orchard with his dog

What is sea buckthorn?

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) – a.k.a Siberian pineapple, Sea Berry, Sandthorn or Swallowthorn – is a hardy deciduous shrub producing nutritious orange berries. The leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits have long been used as medicine. The plant is commonly grown throughout Europe and Asia, but increasingly in other regions offering a suitable growing climate as well. The berries have impressive commercial potential due to their appealing flavor, high nutritional value and many potential health benefits. They are increasingly used in a host of food & beverage and cosmetic products.

10 ways to differentiate your beverage products with sea buckthorn

  1. It’s a superfood that packs a nutritional punch. Sea buckthorn is:
    1. Rich in various vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds
    2. Full of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, along with folate, biotin and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E.
    3. A source of healthy fats. More than half of the fat found in sea buckthorn oil is mono- and poly-unsaturated fat.
    4. Potentially one of the only plant foods known to provide all four omega fatty acids (omega-3, 6, 7 and 9).
  2. It adds an exciting new look and taste. Sea buckthorn’s bright color and bold, citrusy flavor make a great addition to beers, juices and smoothies, teas and more.
  3. It’s a hot new trend in North America. Beverages with sea buckthorn will appeal to adventurous consumers eager to try the latest thing, as well as to health-conscious consumers who want to feel good about their choices.
  4. It’s an immunity booster with other potential health benefits. Sea buckthorn is:
    1. Naturally full of antioxidants and has been used traditionally to slow down the aging process.
    2. Used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines to promote heart health, protect against diabetes, stomach ulcers and skin damage.
    3. A longstanding natural remedy for a variety of ailments, including burns, eczema, acne, indigestion, high blood pressure, wrinkled skin, and more.
  5. It adds an exotic and exclusive flair. Sea buckthorn can be used to create an upscale or premium offering.
  6. It can attract new demographic markets. Sea buckthorn juice is a common drink in many parts of Asia and Europe, which will appeal to this demographic of North American consumers.
  7. It’s incredibly versatile. Sea buckthorn berries can be stored at a low temperature for up to 2 weeks or flash frozen, without losing their shape when thawed.
  8. It can meet your quality and supply needs. A number of established North American sea buckthorn distributors can ensure steady supply of guaranteed consistent quality.
  9. It comes in a variety of formats and quantities: sea buckthorn berries, sea buckthorn juice, sea buckthorn oil, dried sea buckthorn tea, berries or powder, and more.
  10. It is an economical way to differentiate your product.

Adding sea buckthorn to your beverages

Sea buckthorn beer

Consumers are increasingly drawn to healthier food choices, but still expect full flavor and a splash of excitement from their drink of choice. Sea buckthorn lets them have it all, which is a great starting point for differentiating your product from the rising sea of beverages out there. Omega Fruit supplies sea buckthorn products to a number of North American craft breweries & distilleries, smoothie makers, kombucha brewers, and bottled tea manufacturers.
Whether you’re new to sea buckthorn or looking for a more reliable supplier, we can help. Contact us.



With 70% of our immune system residing in our gut, what we put into it, counts! Sea buckthorn juice is known to help achieve balanced nutrient intake, cold and flu resistance and increased energy levels.  It’s inflammation reducing antioxidants help athletes fight body fatigue, and the balanced Omegas fatty acids 3 – 6,  7* & 9, are considered to have a clear role in the prevention and healing of certain Atopic disorders.



Sea buckthorn couli

Sea buckthorn coulis

Dark chocolate with sea buckthorn ganache

Delicious Sea buckthorn ganache inside dark chocolat shell.

Halibut with sea buckthorn, tomato and sea beans.

Halibut with sea buckthorn, tomato and sea beans.

Homemade Seaberry sorbet.





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