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Fines Ales Start With Fine Ingredients and Inspired People

Balzac Craft Brewing Company (BCBC) – founded in 2017 – embodies the essence of pushing boundaries and creating legacies. Born out of founders deeply entrenched in the oil and gas sector, their adventures across continents allowed them to indulge in a plethora of craft beers. With beer experiences from across the world including Alberta, British Columbia, the UK, and even the Middle East, this family-run business decided to bring their rich tapestry of beer memories to their community in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. This great microbrewery serves up original brews that inspire chatter, such as their Sea Buckthorn IPA & Sea Buckthorn Cider with Honey. 

Adding another feather to its cap in 2023, BCBC was recognized with two additional medals of excellence at the Alberta Beverage Awards hosted by Culinairemag. A testimony to their unwavering commitment to greatness.

Crafting Superior Beer and Cider

Behind an exquisite cider or beer lies a blend of artistry and precision. Key contributors to their success include:

  1. Top-notch Ingredients: The foundation of any brew lies in the quality of its ingredients.
  2. Masterful Crafting: The magic lies in the brewing process – fermentation, aging, and the brewer’s touch.
  3. Pioneering Spirit: The desire to experiment, such as BCBC’s use of sea buckthorn, sets the trailblazers apart.
  4. Consistent Excellence: While innovation sparks interest, consistent quality fuels long-term loyalty.

A Global Trend | Uncommon Fruit Brewing

In the expansive realm of craft brewing, adding fruits like raspberry and apricot flavours has been around for a while. But there’s an emerging trend of infusing an uncommon fruit making its way up the ranks and into brewers’ hearts. This interest in the new and unusual Sea buckthorn berry serves multiple market goals:

  1. Health-Forward Ingredients Are In High Demand:

Many popular and less common fruits have various health benefits, which can be leveraged in marketing. In the era of food intolerances and special diets, these fruits can give beers and ciders an added perception of being health-conscious. According to Food Market Insights: Cider market by product, packaging, distribution & region | forecast 2023-2033: “Natural drinks with nutrients that are good for health and boost the immune system, and hence, are becoming popular with customers. People in developing countries are likely to be willing to pay a higher price for a product with more health benefits.” also, “One of the leading trends impacting the demand for cider is that people, especially millennials, are buying high-end products because their living standards are improving. Millennials are likely to drink fruit-based drinks because they care about their health.”

    2.      Distinct Flavour: With its bold tartness and unique taste, sea buckthorn promises a refreshing palate experience. This also means that a little goes a long way in flavour-adding capacity. Going the extra mile and creating an infusion combination like sea buckthorn and ginger to a hard apple cider can elevate a brew in a strikingly unique way.

    3.      Fresh Appeal: As it is relatively new to the North American market, sea buckthorn berries, otherwise known as seaberries, intrigue those seeking a different brewing experience. Studies show that Gen Z’ers are setting the bar as most open to new foods and drinks. Making them a great demographic to engage with by pioneering new flavours.

Leaving A Mark In The Marketplace | Sea Buckthorn in Brewing

Sea buckthorn, bursting with tartness and health benefits, has carved its niche as a great new way to showcase beers and ciders that will appeal to the Millennial and Gen-Z crowds. The surge in popularity of BCBC’s IPA and cider is proof of this.

Balzac’s Sea Buckthorn IPA merges the crisp bitterness of an IPA with the nuanced tartness of sea buckthorn, culminating in a flavour experience that’s both bold and refreshing. Meanwhile, their Sea Buckthorn Cider infused with honey is a testament to BCBC’s brewing innovation. This cider evokes the elegance of a dry white wine, with honey undertones caressing the palate, promising a refined drinking experience for health-conscious individuals.

Balzac Craft Brewing Company’s transformation from wanderlust-driven beer enthusiasts to award-winning brewers is nothing short of inspiring. With their recent accolades at the Alberta Beverage Awards and relentless pursuit of innovative flavours like their Sea Buckthorn IPA and Sea Buckthorn Apple Cider, BCBC promises every patron a sip of their global journey.

If you are in the Airdrie, Alberta, area, you don’t have to type “breweries near me” to find the Balzac Craft Brewing Company -they are located at 306 – 401 Coopers Blvd SW, and the team will be delighted to serve you one of their great craft beers or ciders.

BCBC Sea Buckthorn English IPA Beer Label
The label for BCBC's Sea Buckthorn English IPA

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Sea buckthorn couli

Sea buckthorn coulis

Dark chocolate with sea buckthorn ganache

Delicious Sea buckthorn ganache inside dark chocolat shell.

Halibut with sea buckthorn, tomato and sea beans.

Halibut with sea buckthorn, tomato and sea beans.

Homemade Seaberry sorbet.





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