Sea Buckthorn shrubs | cultivar: EVA



Eva Sea Buckthorn, female shrub, cultivar: Eva (FEMALE)     

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This cultivar resembles the sea buckthorn variety named Sunny. This variety of sea buckthorn produces large juicy berries with a delicious flavour. The berries contain enormous amounts of Polyphenols. The highest on record!

This shrub has few thorns.

Bright yellow, oval fruits with a slightly acidic taste.

Harvest time is roughly 10 days, 100 days after flowering.

This variety of sea buckthorn shrub will attain approximately 12′ to 15′ at maturity. Its leaves are broad and dark green and well suited for Arctic climates. 

The sea buckthorn cultivar Eva is mainly desirable for its higher polyphenol content and is great for value-added comestible products.

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