Improve Your Oral Health With Sea Buckthorn


Our mouth is home to enumerable bacteria and germs such as; Porphyromonas gingivalis, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, and Tannerella forsythia. YUCK! We all know it is essential to take proper care of your oral health. And scientists are always at work studying new and better ways to improve our oral hygiene. In fact, a 2021 study demonstrated […]

Improving Feminine Health With Sea Buckthorn – The Miracle Berry!!

Sea Buckthorn tea

Having a healthy mind and body is the basis for enjoying a long life. Good health endows us with a solid platform to live life to the fullest. However, when it comes to female health, there is a need to be a little extra careful with everything. Our amazing bodies are built to bring forth […]

Sea buckthorn: 10 ways to differentiate your beverage products

Beverage manufacturers are no stranger to stiff competition. The good news is that consumers have developed a growing thirst for new flavors and healthy, natural ingredients. Producers that dare to differentiate and innovate in these areas can carve out an impressive market share. Take the flavored beer market for example. According to Global Market Research […]

Ultimate Seaberry Smoothie Bowl

Ultimate Seaberry Smoothie Bowl

This gorgeous seaberry smoothie bowl has a bright flavour reminiscent of a tropical vacation that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Thanks to Katherine Garbarino from @girlslivingwell, for creating this delicious mix of superfood goodness. Want to make your own delicious seaberry smoothie bowl? Select overnight delivery to have our products shipped straight […]

U-Pick Sea buckthorn berries

10 best U-pick sea buckthorn orchards in the eastern townships of Quebec

The best orchards for U-Pick Sea buckthorn berries  There are some pretty tasty and unusual fruits to be discovered all across the lovely countryside of Quebec. So, you could say – “nous aimons les petits fruits!” The U-pick season in Quebec begins in June with a trip to the favourite strawberry field then ends in […]

The benefits of Sea buckthorn berries are resounding

sea buckthorn berries

Should you be eating Seaberries? YES! The benefits of the sea buckthorn berry, a tiny, bright orange fruit packed with a tartness resemblant to citrus, are increasingly recognized in Canada and the US. But you’ll find sea buckthorn trees growing across all northern regions of the globe. These highly nutritious berries have been used for […]

Growing Sea Buckthorn 102

Sea buckthorn after harvest. Cultivar, Mary.

Planning for optimum pollination. Before planting your first seaberry trees you will want to carefully plan a few things. Understanding the differences between the many sea buckthorn varieties will help you select the right ones to bring to your chosen market. Also, proper pollination is important to achieve a high yielding orchard. By carefully planning […]

What is Sea buckthorn you ask? Here is a little introduction.

Frozen Seaberries

What is Sea Buckthorn : Visit our Facebook Page for more ! Did you like our introduction to seabuckthorn? Feel free to leave us a comment about your experiences with the sea berry. If you’d like to try our seaberry products, stop by our shop page to browse what we have to offer, get […]

Sunshine In A Cup | Sea Buckthorn Tonic.

A Sea buckthorn tonic to strengthen the immune system. Enjoy this simple sea buckthorn tonic to help maintain a strong healthy heart, balanced insulin levels and strengthen your immune system. As many of you already know, the sea buckthorn berry, or seaberry is becoming recognized worldwide as Mother Nature’s best multivitamin. Over 190 bio active […]



To discover the importance os pruning sea buckthorn We began researching the many sea buckthorn cultivars available to us from our local area and from around the world in 2009.  While studying how to best grow this shrub as a commercial crop we had the incredible opportunity to learn from the president of the european sea […]