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Frequently Asked Questions – Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn bush on the beach transition to the Baltic Sea.

Providing Answers To Our Most Frequent Questions About Sea Buckthorn For those considering adding sea buckthorn to their garden, landscape, or commercial crops, there are often questions about its care, benefits, and suitability for specific conditions. Here, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions I have received over the years about sea buckthorn […]

Growing Sea Buckthorn 102

Sea buckthorn after harvest. Cultivar, Mary.

Planning for optimum pollination. Before planting your first seaberry trees, you will want to plan a few things carefully. Understanding the differences between the many sea buckthorn varieties will help you select the right ones to bring to your chosen market. Also, proper pollination is important to achieve a high yielding orchard. By carefully planning […]