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We love Sea Buckthorn, from it’s fruits to it’s roots! Perfect for any permaculture project, sea buckthorn is now recognized worldwide, not just for the nutritional properties of the berries, or that the plant’s extensive root system can be greatly beneficial for several agricultural applications, such as; erosion control, heavy metals absorption and fixing nitrogen in the soil, -but also because this medium dioecious shrub fits nicely into any bountiful backyard. From Europe to North America and beyond, the Sea buckthorn shrub and it’s deliciously tart fruits are highly valued.

Whether you are a chef, food & beverage manufacturer or home foodie, we have a sea buckthorn product for you. We offer; fresh U-pick fruits – frozen seaberriescold pressed juicedried sweetened berries, herbal tea, and Seaberry shrubs.


The Latvian region, where our sea buckthorn cultivars originated, is a great comparison to the Canadian and northern US climates. These varieties grow well in northern weather conditions, from deep colds and durable snow coverage, to milder climates (zone 2-7) and we’re developed to have fewer thorns for easier harvesting and large juicy fruits perfect for the comestibles and nutraceuticals market. 

Over the years Sea buckthorn’s rise in popularity has led to many testing the waters in their own back yards or fruit plantations, and now the Sea berry is growing successfully in warmer winter climates as well. (zone 8).

Your Sea buckthorn shrubs are grown up with care and attention to their quality and vitality. We produce well known varieties which have been proven to be adaptable and productive for decades. In fact, all our Sea buckthorn cultivars are listed as “preferred varieties“, by Mr. Martin Trépanier, Ph.D., agr. at the horticultural research centre in Laval Quebec, in his 2013 presentation for the commercial development of Sea buckthorn in Canada.

Our Sea buckthorn cultivars:

Sunny (From Russian lineage Botanitelskaya) ​



Lord (Male pollinator)​

Sea buckthorn inspector.
Sea buckthorn inspector.