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I was first introduced to Sea buckthorn many years ago as the latest fruit to hit the list of “superfoods” introduced to North America. My interest in healthy eating, and my curiosity, drove me to learn more about this berry and the plant it grows on. Which soon led me to meet the man who was to become the president of the European Sea buckthorn Association. From him, I learned about the pre-existing commercial market and the many cultivars grown there. By then, I was more interested than ever. And by the time I found the fruit and tasted it for the first time, I knew I wanted to introduce others to the Seaberry and become a sea buckthorn producer. 

Shortly after, I began importing the young plants and offering them to local growers across Quebec. Over the years, this has led to me to spearhead the build of an 11-acre commercial seabuckthorn plantation from the ground up to become a Sea Buckthorn producer and develop relationships with seabuckthorn growers and enthusiasts from across North America & Europe. – During this time, I also began offering my partner’s products online.

So, for me, it all began with the seabuckthorn plant. Now over 12 years have passed, and I have gained many experiences in commercializing sea buckthorn and helping others with their sea buckthorn projects and developping my Omega Fruit brand and produce Sea Buckthorn berries.

And my goal is to continuously broaden my network within the agriculture, food and beverage, cosmetics, and supplement markets by collaborating with professionals across these fields as a consultant and supplier of quality sea buckhorn products.

Whether you are a chef, food & beverage manufacturer or home foodie, I have a sea buckthorn product for you to discover. Visit my online store to find; frozen seaberries – cold-pressed juice – dried sweetened berriesherbal tea.

I also offer wholesale Seaberry plants.

I hope you will all enjoy my online shop, where you will find the excellent sea buckthorn products that I have sourced both locally and internationally. 


The climate in the Latvian region, where my cultivars originate, is very similar to the Canadian & northern US climates, and this was one of the deciding factors when I chose to offer these particular varieties.

There are many types of sea buckthorn marketed out there -but I wanted to offer the very best for commercial growing. I procure my hardwood cuttings and young plants from M. Andrejs Bruvellis, he and I have been loyal collaborators for over a decade. Our partnership based on mutual respect for the culture and a desire to make sure the Seabuckthorn plants we offer are grown up with care and attention to their quality and vitality. These cultivars are well-known varieties that have been proven adaptable and to be productive for decades.

Are you a nursery or plant stock reseller? Do you want to produce Sea Buckthorn ? Reach out to me for reseller pricing. 

Our Sea buckthorn cultivars:

Sunny (From Russian lineage Botanitelskaya)



Lord (M)

*A mixtures of these cultivars are included in our 12 mixed pack of best sellers.

Sea buckthorn inspector. Sea buckthorn inspector